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Why is Dubai among the best places for a layover trip?


Millions of tourists and passengers travel to Dubai for vacation or pass through this major connecting destination to enjoy a Dubai stopover. The International Airport in Dubai has been recorded as the busiest destination and has outnumbered to welcome visitors from around the world.

The latest travel report stated that 88 million passengers enter Dubai each year intending a Dubai layover tour or vacation. These travelers either explore or just laze back to get a feel of the Arabian desert.

Thus if you are wanting to make your 24-hour boring transit and memorable trip, this can be your chance to explore this magnificent city!

Here are some of the reasons that state Dubai is the best place for a layover trip:

Experience “Burj”

Burj literally means ‘tower’, while Dubai offers some specular towers, a must see on your layover in Dubai are Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

In Dubai panorama is something that every tall building would provide, but if you want to experience a jaw-dropping view then take the elevator to the top deck of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa standing tall at 829.8 meters is the world's tallest building and if you reach just in time you can also catch a glimpse of the famous Dubai Fountain from the Burj Khalifa deck view.
The second one is the Burj Al Arab, which may be a pricey affair but if you are in a mood to ‘spend it like Arabs’ then you must at least try a meal at this royal place. Burj Al Arab is situated on its own island and offers expansive and expensive suites overlooking the sea with nine signature restaurants and deluxe features.

Luxurious Hotels

On your Dubai layover tour, you also could experience luxurious hotels or fancy layover hotels. For a 24-hour layover in Dubai, roaming around the city with your baggage would not be a good idea. You could relax in the several well-appointed and high-end hotels in Dubai at an affordable price. One such property is Goldstate Hotel at Jadaf, Dubai. Only 15-minutes from the Dubai International Airport and close to the most prominent locations, Goldstate Hotel is a luxurious pad with divulging restaurants and opulent services.

Malls, Shops & Souqs

Dubai is a shopping destination with the large and extensive malls, counterfeit and branded shops and elongating streets of souqs. Shopping in another important thing you must indulge in on your layover trip to Dubai. Visit the Dubai Mall to shop affluent brands and or just walk around the streets of Bur Dubai to get an amazing deal. You may also visit the gold souq, the spice souq and other such regions all within the same area.

Need to know more, check-in to the Goldstate Hotel in Dubai, reach out to our travel desk and well will plan the best Dubai layover tours for you!