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Things you need to know about a staycation in Dubai


Staycation is a novel concept of spending some quality time over the weekend at a serviced luxurious hotel in Dubai. Staycation in Dubai with the family, friends, loved ones and simply on your own can be an enjoyable and a relaxing endeavor.

Dubai bids on some of the best hotels for staycation in entire UAE and GCC region. People from other Emirates as well as neighboring countries fly down during the weekends to experience the best staycation in Dubai. Apart from luxurious hotels, Dubai also provides affordable hotels for staycation and cheap staycation options – for everyone to relax, indulge and enjoy!

However, there is a list of things you must know before you plan your friends or family staycation in Dubai. Here it goes!

1.      Deals and Promotions

Dubai can be exorbitant, while finding an affordable hotel for staycation could be difficult at times! Renowned hotels at swanky locations, with luxurious features can be extremely overpriced. Nevertheless, these hotels do have deal and promotions frequently, through which you can pamper yourself.

2.      Travelling

An ideal family staycation is when you can spend maximum time with your family and enjoy! Many people opt for a staycation in Dubai merely for the fact to save the time travelling to distant locations. Dubai has some of the beautiful locations such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek, etc. Hence, you really do not need to travel!

3.      Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai has a bustling nightlife with expansive discos, clubs, pubs, lounges and cafes. In Dubai, these places are tucked within the giant hotels. Select a hotel staycation in Dubai that has these facilities if you are willing to see the nightlife in Dubai – this will help you save on travel, enjoy until late night and after parting all night, you could directly crash into your bed!

4.      Alcohol or Liquor

During your staycation in Dubai with your family and friends if you would like to grab a few drinks, make sure that you stay in a hotel that has a permit to serve alcohol or liquor. If you have drinks at a hotel in Dubai without the proper permit, you as well as the hotel may be in trouble. Thus, if you are planning to enjoy a few drinks, ensure to book your friends or family staycation in Dubai at a good hotel with these permissions.

5.      Ramadan

Dubai is a modern Arab country – where locals, expats, foreigners as well as travelers’ respect and follow the sentiments and traditions, especially during the month of Ramadan (June – July). Ramadan is a fasting month for Muslims. During this time liquor is restricted and daily fasting time is roughly around 5:00am and ends around 5:00pm. People including tourists are not allowed to eat, drink or even smoke in public places. So even if you plan a staycation in Dubai through the Ramadan period, this needs to be followed.

6.      Sharia Law

Dubai being an Arab country follows the Sharia law and while your staycation, you must remember to maintain this law. For example: Unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in a hotel in a single room according to the law, liquor is not served during the holy month of Ramadan, etc.

Still have more queries? Feel free to ask us before you book your best staycation in Dubai with Goldstate Hotel.